Tempest mp3 (theremin, cracleboxes, objects, tapes, prepared piano)
from Cosmic Broadcast a project for the memory of William Shakespare.
with Kaspar and Kasparov vacuum tubes desktop, Jano keys-accordion, Antonio Bilo Canella spoken word, International Crowed London House, Linz, Palladium Rome ...

Elica 2 mp3 (prepared and bowed Wandre' guitar, amplified objects, analog sinth)

Elica 8 mp3
Elica is sound landscapes for the dance performance Madalaine by Maria Borgese, Ornella Vinti, with Massimiliano Frumenti sax accordion


P.K. Dick mp3 (glass objects, water, amplified fields recordings, voice)

Pianoless mp3 (theremin, live electronics, analog sinth, flesh ukulele)

Sea Sea   mp3 (theremin, amplified objects, turntables)
live @ La Palma  with Leonardo Milani

Rain Is Coming mp3 (theremin,  sinth)

TrIo DuO  mp3 (Audio Mulch software, real time space treatments)
from  Harmonic World Noiser
rmx live with Albert Beger sax, Renzo Ruggieri accordion